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Conflict Management

Conflict and crises are part of human development and our lives together. In general we are not trained in constructive criticism or conflict management. Often we focus too much on the problem so that we are unable to see the opportunity for new solutions. It also hinders our creativity to try new ways. The personality structure of the individual determines the pattern of conflict and the following consequences. Realisation of personal conflict behaviour is the basis of the Solution Focused approach in future conflict situations. To learn constructive solution strategies in challenging life situations will enable you to decide and act more mature. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “An eye for an eye only leads to blindness”

Communication Training

Both, private und professional life is affected by interpersonal communication. Whether a conversation is considered positive for all parties involved is often determined by little things. Communication techniques and an appreciative climate assist in a purposeful and successful communication. The training in specific techniques and strategies will improve quality and efficiency of your communication skills for your daily communicational requirements.

Child Guidance

The upbringing of children requires from parents patience and mental strength. Children need enough scope to develop their capabilities and talents but values, rules and direction must also be taught. This may lead to friction and cause problems within the family. Power struggles between children and parents begin at an early age and reach their peak in puberty. However, each phase has its positive sides as well, which all too often isn’t realised. Child guidance offers assistance and support to enable parents to achieve a loving environment while accepting sense of responsibility towards ones children.

Marriage Counselling

When responsibilities of everyday life and being a mother or father lets you forget to be a loving couple, counselling can show you the way back into a loving relationship. It offers solutions in troubled relationships, sexual problems or by learning a new awareness of togetherness as a couple.
A crisis does not necessarily mean that you have to separate. Instead it offers a chance for both partners to learn to live in a relationship with respect and love for one another.

Relaxation Training

We want and need peace and quiet to recover from the hustle and bustle of life. Relaxation techniques enable our nerves, body and soul to recover. With professional instructions and regular training the positive influence on your body and soul can create a feeling of wellbeing, calm and inner strength to meet the challenges of everyday professional and private life.

Industrial Psychology

How do I achieve motivation, communication and leadership?
How do I supervise a team?
Who is who in the team?
How do I give a presentation?
What is the function of stress?
What causes anxiety and addiction?
What function does specific behaviour have in companies or teams?
The answer to all these questions is in the training of strategies and personal development to meet the requirements of business and to assist in achieving of your personal goals.


Used as a clarifying view from the outside, supervision improves the quality of professional work. It deals constructively with problems, conflicts and questions regarding professional life. Supervision supports the development of individual problem solving strategies and improves the implementation of organizational structure changes in work teams. The external observer in supervision enables the process to move towards the solution to the problem.


Psychotherapy is a specific treatment of a particular psychological problem. Anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or psycho motility disorders can be treated with psychotherapy. Therapy identifies dysfunctional experiences and behaviour after which appropriate techniques are then used to direct and train coping strategies for future difficult situations. In other words, psychotherapy aims to alleviate psychological distress through talking, rather than drugs.

Solution Therapy

In this specific form of therapy the aim is a clear definition of goals, right from the start. Problems are merely symptoms that indicate that something does not work. For you the far more interesting question is: What works?
This is where Brief Therapy begins. You find out quickly what you would like to change and how to do it.

Grief Counselling

Grief is a normal and natural reaction to a loss. It helps us to overcome the misty feeling, emotional pain and anxiety experienced in these times. It is essential to face your grief and move through the process of grieving so that life can return to here and now. Your vision becomes free to focus on the reality of life and its beauty. For the other side of grief is joy.